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Scaffolding with wall construction form

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Even the wall pieces

The use of wall attachment to achieve the attachment of the wall, to enhance the overall stability of the scaffolding, to enhance its stable carrying capacity and avoid dumping or collapse and other major accidents play a very important role.

Even the form of the wall structure:

(1) The flexible pull-knot is made of fine steel bars, ropes, double-stranded or multi-stranded wire, only bear the tension and mainly act to prevent the scaffolding from cambering, but little help is given to the stability of the scaffold (that is, the stable bearing capacity). Generally, this method can only be used in the outer scaffolding of a building below 10 storeys, and a certain number of rigid pull-in pieces must be correspondingly set so as to withstand horizontal pressure.

② Rigid rigid tie rods or rigid components, both can withstand the tension, but also to withstand the pressure of the connection structure. Its attached to the wall of the connection fixed to determine the conditions of the project, in general are:

a. Pull rod through the wall and fixed on both sides of the wall;

b. Lever through the doors and windows hole in the wall on both sides with the crossbar clamping and back wedge fixed;

c. Prefabricated iron pieces are arranged in the wall structure and are fixedly connected with a pull rod with a flower basket bolt; the basket bolt is used to adjust the vertical spacing between the pull knots and the scaffold;

d. Set in the wall of embedded iron pieces, and fixed-length rod consolidation.

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