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NO.588 Tianqin
Road,Tianchang City,Anhui province

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TIANCHANG HUALI MACHINERY INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is near to the famous city—Yangzhou at the east and near to the old city ---Nanjing at south,with good traffic.Our company is more than 30000 square meters and has more than 20000 square meters for constructions.We have more than 30 professional technicians,perfect quality control system and we have past ISO9001:2000 and those assure the quality.Our products are popular in United States,France,Korea,South Africa and European for our best quality and good service.
  We are the professional manufactural of all kinds of scaffoldings,frame scaffoldings,ring system,cup-lock system.all kinds of accessories,car appurtenances and fittings to containers.
  Our company has built our own system for producing,researching,saling and services through experience for years.
  Our products has been used into Forklift , Container , Constructions for buildings,bridges and tunnels,fitting facilities,decoration, oil lands and shipbuilding fields.And we have gained high reputation and good evaluation both domestic and overseas.
  We use the high-tech as our guide,regard catching and surpassing the first level in the world as our target and the honesty and good service as our purpose.This let us produce scaffolding products with best quality to satisfy our customers’ need.We will keep cooperating with the buyers both from China and foreign countries.
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